Monday, March 27, 2006

Mishah sent me this screenshot - poor Ukrainska Pravda...


  1. Hope my question about this graphic doesn't seem too foolish - but where did the big change in percentages come from? Is it representative of the large differences in voter preferences across Ukraine's regions?

    Seems like these numbers are quite different than what was reported at 26.62% of the vote counted.

  2. Oh, it was just a screw-up, caused by wishful thinking perhaps, which didn't last long - sorry if I've misled you...

  3. Seems the numbers with almost 45% of the vote counted is as follows:

    ?????? ???????? – 26,98 %
    «???? ???? ?????????» – 23,63 %
    ???? «???? ???????» – 16,28 %

    I'm not entirely certain how the Ukrainian government would be formed if the final results are similar to these. Can the Timoshenko and Our Ukraina blocks for a coalition? Or does the Regions Party's slim lead put them in the drivers seat in terms of forming a coalition?

    I'm sure you didn't mislead me, my Russian is less than perfect, and I'm not very familiar (perhaps no one is) with how the Ukrainian political process will play out. It seems there are just as many questions as there were before the elections.