Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I've just posted this on Global Voices Online:

Preved, omerekancheg!

A Chicago-based LJ user angstzeit encounters a Russian-speaking bear and through a flashmob of Russian commenters learns about the Preved!-mania. John Lurie's original drawing; hundreds of followups at ru_preved LJ community; Preved! CafePress.com stuff; lots of Russian slang and obsceneties; a Cold War between the Preved Bear and the O RLY Owl; a discussion of stereotypes - and an invitation to visit Russia from LJ user romeus: "All of my American friends tell me that they have gotten happier after they visited Russia. you should come visit Moscow! PREVED!!! In Moscow the "Preveders" have already gone twice to the Moscow zoo to say PREVED to the bears. How happy is that?!!! :)))"


  1. btw, Neeka, don't miss another rising phenomenon: [bratan.livejournal.com], it's not evident yet whether we dealing with another Podia, but shtrich imienna zhzhot, just read carefully!

  2. Preved, Neeka! Kagdila?