Friday, March 24, 2006

I fell asleep at 1 am, so I missed it all...

Riot police began their operation at 3 am Minsk time and after 15 minutes the camp was demolished and the protesters arrested. br23 blog and Rush-Mush have updates on the aftermath: the amazingly slanted coverage on the Russian-language EuroNews; Minsk residents' approval of the regime's actions; a sample leaflet distributed by the opposition in Minsk now; translation of LJ user kurt-belarus' post-operation appeal; translation of one protester's account of the operation on Radio Liberty's Belarusian Service.

Lj user _frut_ has photos of what remains of the tent camp after the riot police attacked it at night and took away all the protestes.

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  1. Editorial policy of Russian version of Euronews is controlled by the Kremlin. This is another example of traditional european policy of "lesser evel" ("better broadcast like that than not broadcast at all) or "smaller lie" ("let them lie now, but when the time comes we shall tell the true") which sometimes harmless and sometimes (WWII) leads to millions of killed people.