Thursday, March 09, 2006

Here's Marta - almost ready for her March 8 walk, Zverushka rozovaya, zapyataya, s ushkami!

Yesterday was a wonderful winter day, by the way - shamelessly sunny and mildly frosty. Lots of snow, too, and huge, dangerous icicles hanging off most roofs.


  1. So I when is Marta going to start blogging...I can't wait until we get transcripts of Mama's false promises. hahaa.

  2. Marta looks SO CUTE! adorable! they make the cutest attire for little ones but that is just framing for the wonderful, awesome person inside! All the best.

  3. Nice photo. takes me back. We even dressed no 2 up in no 1's clothes to see if you could tell the difference and we couldn't. Great that the internet makes it easier for mums to do their work from home.