Thursday, February 02, 2006

Marta is 2 months old - hard to believe, isn't it?

So we went to see the doctors today/yesterday, and everything's okay, more or less. Marta's grown (5 kilos and 56 centimeters; last time, on Jan. 4, she was 4.3 kilos and 53 centimeters), but there's a tiny problem with her left eye and a potentially serious problem with her left hip. Or there aren't any problems and the doctors are just trying to sell us certain medicines and medical devices to get a commission. You never know here. I'll seek second opinion and, possibly, third and fourth and fifth opinions. I don't want to get into it here and now, because it's making me terribly nervous.

Mishah's in Moscow, so I was aided by my mama. I took some pictures at the clinic again - they are here.

Our doctor examining Marta and our nurse sitting at her desk:

And this is my favorite photo, from the ortopedicians' room:


  1. Well, it's much nicer to look at Lady Kosa than the "Warning Signs of Tooth Decay" posters that adorn my son's pediatrician's office. Still, it is a funny place to find her.

    Good luck with Marta and getting your other opinions--you certainly should have that. As a veteran of the children's medical system, I feel for you. It's never easy when your baby is involved.

  2. Julinka, thank you! I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Hope you're all well.

    What do you call glisty in English - you know, those white worms found in shit? A poster promoting some medication to fight them is right next to Marta and the doctor, you can't see it well on this pictures, but it's pretty visible on others. I agree, a calendar with Yulia is way more pleasant to look at :-)))

  3. Hah! There it is! I went looking for that poster when I posted this. Are you in Kyiv now, or Russia? I can't tell. There's a journalist with connections to Iowa talking Monday at Kyiv Mohylo. I'm going -- should be interesting. More details are on the latest post on my blog, if you or others are interested.