Friday, May 20, 2005

I read the statement of Nasha Ukraina about Zvarych in Ukrainian - and it sounded so unforgivably Soviet.

I then read the same statement in English - and it turned out to be so badly translated that all I could do was laugh...


Roman Zvarych is not a pupil of Soviet system, he is not used to the blind fulfillment of leadership directives or wishes of certain colleagues. Such a behavior of an official is unusual for many people and came for somebody as an unpleasant surprise. But if we are on the way to Europe, we will have to get used to new approaches. In a civilized world it is normal when an official acts according to the law.

That's why initiators of this scandal will not reach their goal. Let them aim their forces at state well-being.

We also appeal to the media to be weighed and follow professional standards, not to grab 'hot news' and be used but to try to find a person who is interested in this scandal.[...]

Abdymok has more on this here.

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