Wednesday, April 06, 2005

According to Jennifer Leonard, a black-and-white copy of this St. Pete photo should be somewhere in the Massive Change exhibition's Movement Economies room, at the Art Gallery of Ontario, in Toronto, Canada.

I took this evening rush hour photo on Oct. 18, 2004, from a bridge across the Neva (God, I don't remember the names of the bridges anymore... Feels like I've never even been to St. Pete... The bridge leading to the mosque on Petrogradka - which one is that?.. Oh boy...)

If any of you reading this happen to visit the Massive Change exhibition in Toronto (on view until May 29) - could you please check if that photo of mine is indeed there?

It may be very difficult to locate it - the exhibition seems huge and overwhelming and cool, and I wish I could see it myself, even if my photo's not there... But I cannot, and I do need your help - and I'd be very, very grateful if someone did let me know!.. And if my photo's there, I'd be so proud and happy!

Here's a photo album from the Toronto Massive Change exhibition: one picture (#4) seems to be of part of the wall of traffic images from all over the world, where my photo may be hiding - I can see an image from Moscow there, by Inna or Irina-something... This photo album belongs to ~ Refreshing the daily grind, a very nice blog.

Jennifer Leonard is the co-author of a book on "the future of global design" - Massive Change (Phaidon Press, 2004). She spent six months of 80-hour work weeks doing all the research, editorial development, interviews with all the experts - and I ran into the book in one of the English-language bookstores here in Moscow, totally incidentally, a week or so after receiving an email from Jennifer. I bought the book, and both Mishah and I are enjoying it a lot. Jennifer will be a guest speaker at Berlin's annual design show, DesignMAI, in early May this year.

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