Thursday, April 21, 2005

Abdymok has a good update on Zvarych:

[...] to date, bob has been unable to find any evidence that zvarych has ever received any degree from columbia university, nyu, or any other u.s. university. (if anyone can find something, please email it to

the justice ministry on april 15 refused comment by telephone, requesting a written query to be addressed by email. justice ministry spokeswoman elena iskorostenkaya again refused comment on april 16 and april 17, as did vitaly chepynoga, spokesman for the cabinet of ministers.

while mainstream ukrainian media have virtually ignored the story, thousands of internet users have commented on the imbroglio. most the comments appearing on the nation’s larges civic portal, maidan ( have been overwhelming critical of zvarych.


in an interview appearing on april 16 in the weekly zerkalo nedeli, prime minister yulia tymoshenko said zvarych has attended few of the 15 cabinet meetings held so far.

“yet it is not the government’s problem; it is the individual minister’s problem. we have very proficient deputy ministers in the justice ministry. they have made minister’s absence go unnoticed.” [...]

Zvarych's most meaningful reaction so far has been to refer to the Ukrainska Pravda story as "informational killerstvo." Of course, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not after you - but, unfortunately, they do seem to have all the reasons to be after Zvarych right now, and these reasons were provided by Zvarych himself...

(More on it in my earlier post.)

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