Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oh boy. Is justice minister Roman Zvarych fake?

Ukrainska Pravda is convinced he is, after spending two weeks investigating his educational background.

The story's too long to translate - so here're two screenshots: of Roman Zvarych's official English-language bio posted on the Cabinet of Ministers site (Jesus, couldn't they hire someone to proofread it? Couldn't he look at it himself?) - and of his degree verification requested by Ukrainska Pravda:

I can't wait to see how Zvarych reacts.

Though there is one thing I don't understand: how come they only decided to dig this up on him two weeks ago - not five years or a year ago? Is he really getting that unbearable?


Here's more on Zvarych, from two months ago: his resignation drama and Tatyana Korobova's take on it...

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