Sunday, January 23, 2005

This post has nothing to do with the inauguration, which is in a few hours. I'm too nervous awaiting it to write anything about it. My dilemma right now is whether to call my parents before it begins, or after. I'll do both, I guess. EuroNews will be covering it live. How I wish I were there now.

Anyway, here's a little something about our neighbors, Poland: a Polish magazine, called Forum, came up with a cover that must look quite shocking not just to Muslims but to Catholics as well. Inside the magazine is a reprint of a story on sex and Islam that first appeared in a French magazine.

Here's a quote from a story in the New York Daily News, Outrage Unveiled:

Waldemar Piasecki, New York correspondent for the Warsaw-based weekly Przeglad, said he is "puzzled" by Forum's choice of cover art.

"This is a serious magazine that has offered Poles a window on the world for more than 40 years," he said. "In all that time, I can't recall a naked woman on the cover."

And here's a wonderful entry - Baring My Religion - from Chapati Mystery (via Avari-Nameh):

All in all, it is a fairly interesting article for the general public that underscores the healthy attitude Islam had/has about sexuality. Worth a quick read. Now, I think it is reprehensible for Forum to put that cover on this story. It has no artistic or scholarly intent and nothing whatsoever to do with the content of Bouazza's piece. They want to simply shock. As far as I know, the Courrier International website did not have those pictures. To my offended co-religionists, I say, yes, the Polish magazine is amiss in publishing the cover story but save your anger for the despotic regimes of mullahs not trifles like magazine covers. At the most, ask your polish friend to write a letter to the editor but more generally, just let it go. [...]


  1. I had read about this in the news, but I never found the actual cover of the magazine. Thanks for satisfying my needs as a male! :)

    -Robert Mayer

  2. Neeka shame on you for promoting this misogynist and homophobic blog by the name of Avari-nameh. I am a moslem and I have suffered from Islam al my life. Would you like for me to elaborate on the sexual deprivations of Islam? Isnt the veil and the burgah enough for you to figure it out?

    Go to this blog and see how they attack anybody who wishes to exercise their right to free speech.

    SHAME ON YOU NEEKA for promoting a misogynist and anti-democracy weblog such as Avari-nameh. They support over there the truck bombers that blow up 35 children at a time in Baghdad. Get a clue Neeka.

  3. Neeka, this is what the blogger Haroon Moghul (Avari-Nameh blog), an Islamist, replied to somebody who expressed the well known fact that when prophet Mohammad slept with his 16th wife by the name of Ayesha, she was only 8 years 9 months old.

    Haroon Moghul replies:

    "You're honestly a retard. Big fat retard." (note the personal attack against a commentator posting a fact and exercising his/her freedom of speech, and hatred of fat people)

    "You're a retard who'd be lucky to sleep with an 8-year old." (note again the personal attacks and slander)

    Neeka shame on you to put Avari-Nameh on your favorite blog list.

    There is nothing liberal or democratic about these Islamists on this weblog who wish to destroy democracy and institute religious rule. And you claim Neeka that you are on the side of the Orange Revolution?

    I guess democracy and freedom are good for you, but too good for others, especially if they are oppressed moslems yearning for freedom.