Sunday, January 23, 2005

Can't believe it's really happening... Yushchenko has just arrived in the Rada, he looks terrific, wonderfully, almost as he did before the poisoning, in Kyiv there are more people and buses than during the revolution, my mama told me she's constantly moved to tears, can't believe this day has finally arrived and is very happy.

The election numbers are now being read; I don't know about other channels, but the host at Euro-News Russia couldn't shut up when they were playing the anthem; it took the anti-Yushchenko parliamentarians a minute or so to get up and start applauding with everyone else...

He's about to take an oath.

Too bad we're in Russia - they keep translating it...

The Oath - his right hand on the 16th-century New Testament and on the Constitution; then he signs some paper, shakes hand with the head of the Constitutional Court and kisses both books.

The Constitutional Court head announces that Kuchma is no longer the President. At last.

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