Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I really regret not being able to follow the Supreme Court hearings on TV - it was fun to watch Yushchenko's battle in December, and the current one must be even more amusing.

Here's part of an AP story in the New York Times:

Yanukovych's legal team at the hearing included three Swiss lawyers, who were a visible reminder of his stated intention to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights if the Ukrainian court rules against him.

Yushchenko representative Yuriy Kliutchkovsky complained about their presence: "They don't know Ukrainian law, they are not familiar with the court proceedings and they don't speak Ukrainian."

The lawyers' translator speaks Russian rather than Ukrainian, but Yanukovych's representative Nestor Shufrich said they had been "studying Ukrainian law for 10 days."

The Swiss law firm representing Yanukovych is called Python Schifferli Peter Attorneys at Law. One of its associates now in Kyiv is Reza Vafadar: born in Tehran, Iran, in 1964, he speaks Farsi in addition to French, English and German.

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