Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Got this from a Kyiv friend yesterday:

Announcement: Looking for dedicated, uncorrupted individuals who wish to serve their country

Dear colleagues,

As the Orange Revolution enters into its next stage, the hard work of building a government of professionals begins.  Personnel policy is critical and many of the individuals who you saw on the stage of the Maydan are now looking for young, trained, dedicated young professionals to staff their work in the new Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament.  While the salaries are not competitive, there are changes forseen to change the salary scale of the public service sector in the medium term.  Today, though, individuals will likely have to overlook the poor salaries for the experience.

Right now, individuals, especially those trained (MPA, MPP, MBA, Phd) or with experience from other nations, who have a deep deisre to utilize their knowledge and their experiences to improve the country, are needed to staff the new administration. 

I have several contacts who are ready to interview and to match experiences with needs in the new government, etc.  If you have contacts that are interested in such opportunities, please have them send their resumes to me asap with a cover letter outlining their desired area of service.

Thank you.

If anyone's interested, please email me and I'll forward the contact info of the person who wrote this.

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