Monday, January 24, 2005

A bit on yesterday's celebration at Workhorse:

Ilya and i watched all of these proceedings on the television, then went to Maidan around 8 p.m. when there was to be a concert and fireworks. walking up Kreshchatyk Street the crowd was still huge. noticeably, what had remained of the tent city was gone. (earlier in the week there were still a few dozen large army tents.) Okean Elzi began playing and we pushed through the crowd at Maidan to a spot near the independence monument. most everyone was dancing to the music (including an old homeless guy who was getting funky in the street, to everyone's amazement) when a bunch of Mercedes drove down the hill and stopped at the back of the crowd. Yushchenko stepped out of one just by us and walked to a platform near the monument. he stood with his wife and kids, waved to the crowd, and within minutes a huge firework display went off behind him above the glass facade of the Globus shopping mall. spectacular! seriously. everyone was impressed. it lasted 10 or 15 minutes.

Again, I regret so much not being in Kyiv yesterday...

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