Monday, January 24, 2005

The AP piece I mentioned in the previous post has since been updated and the paragraph I quoted now looks like this:

Yushchenko, who was inaugurated Sunday, initially said he would need more consultations before nominating a prime minister. His hesitation seemed to be aimed at avoiding a provocative decision just before his Moscow trip — his first foreign visit as president.

The piece is now titled Yushchenko Selects Anti-Kremlin PM - which seems like an arguable characterization of Tymoshenko, since, at the same time, the story maintains that Tymoshenko is "widely disliked by the Kremlin." It's probably more correct to say that the Kremlin is anti-Tymoshenko.


Here's a brief description of what Yushchenko's Moscow trip means for both presidents, from the same AP piece:

For Yushchenko, the Kremlin meeting was part of his delicate balancing act to move closer to the West while not upsetting relations with his powerful neighbor. For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the meeting could help undo the damage of his unsuccessful foray into Ukrainian politics.

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