Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mishah's idol, David Byrne, keeps an online journal - thanks for the link, The Glory of Carniola!

In a Dec. 8 entry, he even mentions Yushchenko's poisoning and posts those ubiquitous "before and after" photos...

This past summer, we were at his concert in St. Pete - a mind-blowing experience, especially for Mishah.

Here's part of David Byrne's July 17 entry:

The sound is less than perfect but the audience is incredible. For the 1st time there is a big reaction to "Aucensia" – I guess the Kusturica movie was a hit here. At one point I notice people in the audience doing some weird hand shaking dance, so I do it too.

With the lack of air circulation and the cigarette smoke it rapidly becomes hard to breathe on stage. I'm drenched in sweat- head to toe- and have to catch my breath fairly often, as do the others. But that only seems to add to the excitement.

And this:

Malu on Russian fashion: "Dad, do the people here think they look good?"

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