Saturday, December 25, 2004

Maidan was full tonight - but people were facing the other way, their backs turned to the big stage where the opposition had spent over half a month.

It was a New Year's celebration, both for adults and for kids, nothing too special, some folk singing and dancing, real loud, then the fireworks, lots of kids with their parents, everyone happy. Even though it's supposed to have nothing to do with Yushchenko, it still feels like one of those big rallies - a happy, friendly crowd.

I passed Yanukovych headquarters maybe half an hour before I got to Maidan, and there was a Christmas tree there, too, and a stage with a screen, big for that area but small compared to the one at Maidan, but there were very few people there and it didn't feel like a celebration at all. The guy who was giving me a ride said his company remodelled the movie theater building for Yanukovych people - and they still owed them some money, even though they promised to pay "mountains of gold." He had a ribbon on his car's outside antenna and a Yushchenko sticker inside, and he was sure of Yushchenko's victory.

I've been running all day and still have to run now, and will probably be running from relatively early morning tomorrow.

More later tonight, hopefully.

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