Sunday, December 26, 2004

I'm on my way to vote for the third time in the past two months - vote for Yushchenko for the third time. My mother said she'd vote for him the fourth and the fifth time, indefinitely, but my patience is sort of almost up - there wouldn't be enough of it for another revote. That's why I'm sure we'll win today.

Some stats:
  • 37.61 million voters
  • 38.3 million ballots
  • 188,070 absentee ballots (down from 4% to 0.5% of the voters; for the Nov. 21 runoff there were 1.5 million absentee votes)
  • 32,118 polling stations (there were two more last time - in the maternity wards, which have since been closed)
  • 12,184 observers
Two of my Ukrainian friends are gone to observe in Kharkiv region - the only problem is that they won't be able to vote themselves, because there're so few absentee ballots. But the reasoning is that it's okay to lose a few thousand of our own votes but save a few million votes in all those regions where there were huge falsifications last time.

I'm finally done posting all those Dec. 22 pictures that I took with the Panasonic but then couldn't download. It took me so long because either my internet connection isn't okay, or aren't, or both. The pictures aren't the best quality, and I also tried to write some captions but then gave up - please forgive me for that. Oh, and I also have about 70 pictures from yesterday - and I really hope to have a few hours to post them sometime tonight...

I gotta run now...

Wish us good luck, please...


  1. Good luck all the Ukrainian people. It forgives my bad English, I am Brazilian, it does not say another language beyond the Portuguese. I finished to read its interview in the site No Mínimo. I liked. Congratulations for webblog and the photos.

  2. Looks like Yushchenko has done it Neeka! The 3rd time is the charm. Congratulations and Hoorah!! - Al and Irina

  3. Many thanks for your information, and comments. Your photos are wonderful.
    Congratulations. The work begins...

  4. May I suggest you try using
    Also, good luck on the vote.....and prayers for the vote counting to go peacefully!!!

  5. When you get done with your election, then you have to come to Washington State, in the US, and show us how to have an honest election.