Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm glad we didn't receive this month's phone bill a week ago: it wasn't a good time to sober up then. Now that part of the revolution's over, the phone bill has nothing but the usual disheartening effect on me.

One night, at the very beginning of it all, my friend pointed at the clock tower at Maidan and exclaimed: "Look, isn't it sweet: you can order a taxi in the middle of a revolution! Just dial 0-54!"

In addition to the electronic clock, the tower at Maidan shows the date, temperature and an assortment of ads, which, that night and for a while afterwards, included cab service ads. That was weird indeed. Much weirder than getting some stupid phone bill.

And sometime last week, I noticed "Yushchenko - Tak! [Yes!]" and "Armiya z narodom!" ("The army's with the people!") slogans at Maidan tower, alongside with the date, time, temperature and the ads. That was weird, too, considering that the tower's been there since I remember myself, throughout the Soviet times, and I've never seen any dissident content on it, not ever.

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