Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Central Election Commission has promised to announce the results of the first round in less than ten hours, at noon. They convened for a meeting at 6 pm Tuesday and had 62 issues on their agenda - most concerning violations during the Oct. 31 vote. The announcement of the final results was #51 on their list, and by 1 am, before they left for a break, they'd managed to get through the first 40-something points. I'm not sure if they're still counting or whether they know the results already but have other priorities than sharing these results. In any case, Nov. 10 is their official deadline to let the people know how many votes each candidate got.

It didn't take them long to count 97.67 percent of the bulletins - but then they got stuck. For over a week following the first round, Yushchenko had 39.22%, and Yanukovych - 39.88% of the vote. Very soon we'll know the winner. The second round is Nov. 21.

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