Saturday, June 04, 2011

Can't stand to see this blog so neglected - but somehow Facebook and Twitter keep getting most of my attention...

So here's a quick photoset from my first walk in Kyiv this summer (we've just arrived today) - I posted these pictures on Facebook as well, of course, and on Flickr, and I'll tweet the link, too - I swear I can't stand being fractured like this, and also repeating myself constantly, but I can't help it, either...


  1. Ooohhh you went down Gorkogo - you must have stood outside my old apartment building to snap one of the photos! Unfortunately, because I spent three winters in Kyiv and only one and a half summers, I only seem to remember the grey and slush. I simply forgot how wondersful the summers are!

  2. Neeka - Have you heard of the new documentary, "My Perestroika"?

  3. Yes, I've not only heard of it, I met Robin Hessman a few years ago and saw parts of the film back then. Hope to watch the full version one day.