Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Filipino cleaning lady, who has two kids back home and is pregnant with her third one right now, works at least half a dozen jobs here in Moscow to support her family so far away. Her husband joined her half a year ago and works alongside her: a four-hour job now takes two hours to complete. She misses her kids terribly, talks to them on Skype. She has seen her 4-year-old younger daughter only once in the past three years, for a month. In the fall, she'll travel to the Philippines to give birth, but her husband will stay behind and continue working. When the new baby turns six months old, she'll return to Moscow.

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  1. I happened to read a similar column last week by a Spanish blogger, under the title "Watching Others' Kids Grow Up". The column was about her own cleaning lady from Romania. It gave rise to a an avalanche of comments.
    Here is the link in case Spanish speakers are around :

    VERY VERY upsetting...