Saturday, April 17, 2010

Somehow ran into this Jan. 2006 interview (RUS) with Myroslava Gongadze on Radio Ekho Moskvy. Don't have the energy to post any background or other info/thoughts - mainly because it is common knowledge that, nearly ten years later, those who ordered to kill Georgi Gongadze still haven't been brought to justice. And this, more or less, is the only thing that really matters. But - I can't resist translating Myroslava's description of the room in which the trial of Georgiy's suspected killers was initially held.

A tiny room - the size of the Radio Ekho Moskvy studio, some 15 square meters - and...

M. GONGADZE - [...] In this room, there are three defendants, their guards, five people, their three lawyers, four representatives of the victims and one victim, five, the judge, six, and associated judges and three people who are transcribing the hearing. Can you imagine what it is like to work in such a situation? [...] I share a chair with the lawyer of one of the defendants. [...] How could it have occurred to anyone that a trial could be held in such conditions? The highest profile case in Ukraine. The president calls it an open trial. It's totally absurd, [...] I just don't have enough words. [Journalists] can't physically squeeze themselves in there! [They] are trying to get through to the [trial room], the police are beating them with sticks. [...]

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