Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been to Sinead O'Connor's concert today, and I'm still too overwhelmed by the experience. One of her songs had been going through my head all day today - the one that she ended up not playing, unfortunately: Feel So Different. I even sang it to Marta a few times during our walk. And now I'm still hearing her voice. I've always wondered what it would feel like to see her live - I imagined it as some sort of a divine presence thing. It felt and still feels more like a date, though. Wonderful. And fragile, because she's not what she used to be. No longer wild. Mother of four kids. Soft. But the voice is still the same. Nineteen years ago, in Tallinn, I listened to her for the first time, then copied all the lyrics from her second album into a notebook - and spent the next few months just reading them, until my father brought me two tapes of her from Krakow. It is overwhelming to realize that I've finally made it to her concert. I feel so happy. I now need to see Tori Amos live, too, but I'd like to postpone that for as long as possible - because when I do see her, I'll probably feel fully grown up then, with two of my teenage dreams that I still feel as strongly about a reality - and that's scary.


  1. Waouw ! She is still touring ? Hope her Irish « grain de folie » still spells its magic.
    Back in 1988 (hum) I was at her concert in Switzerland. Although at the time I felt very emotional about it, how funny to realize that 20 years on I remember only trifling things like:
    1. She had performed 56 mn altogether, and was wooed at when leaving
    2. At one point she complained “It’s a bit noisy” (YES, she DID) – I was then learning English and remembered this phrase for ever
    3. The audience were all (I guess I was one of maybe 10 exceptions) smoking marijuana. I came out giddy just to breathe in the saturated air.
    4. And a piece of gossip from my uncle, who was technical supervisor of the hall where she performed : she had with her on the tour her six-year old son. She demanded a lodge for him, with a TV-set and what not. Poor baby… That might explained entry n°1 (see above)

    I have never listened to a Tori Amos concert, so I promise I will not come up and demystify it when you attend it. ;=0

    Take care

  2. I love Sinead's early work, especially I love that she sings in the Irish language sometimes, a beautiful language.

  3. Yes, here's one absolutely beautiful song in Gaelic: Mna na h Eireann...

  4. Dear Genia, I'm a "true believer" when it comes to Sinead O'Connor and Tori Amos, and I really don't know what should happen for me to stop feeling the way I do about them and their work... :)

  5. I saw Tori Amos in concert years ago. Great, very powerful! Do go see her live if you get a chance!