Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Skype birthday :)

Dec. 1, 2008

First, Mishah clinked glasses with his brother, who is in Kyiv. Over Skype.

Then Marta pretended to blow the candles on her grandmother Toma's cake - also in Kyiv, also over Skype.

And finally, we placed the computer on the kitchen counter, got Mishah's brother and his wife on Skype again, turned the lights off and cheered all together as Marta blew the real candles on the real cake.

I still can't believe it's possible, still feel it's some kind of a science fiction thing - while for Marta it's all natural, I guess, and she probably takes it for granted.

When we were at Tretyakov Gallery the other day, I explained to her that the artists had created most of these paintings at the time when no cameras existed. She gave me an incredulous stare and asked: "What, they did not have cameras?"


  1. Многая літа з Америки!

  2. Happy Birthday Marta! I love your dress.