Saturday, April 26, 2008

I've spent the past week in Moscow, with a nearly total kindergarten in and around my head:


What little I've had of the adult stuff this week all had to do with my Global Voices reading, linking and translating.


Oh, and I've also managed to read Olga Allenova's text (RUS) on the current mess in Chechnya, in Kommersant-Vlast.

Ramzan Kadyrov vs. Sulim Yamadayev: the Chechen boys of the "Kremlin-backed" president vs. the Chechen boys from one of the battalions of the Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense.


And, on the way home today, I've spotted this mini-poster announcing yet another Dissenters March - planned for May 6. The slogan this year is as plain as it gets: "We hate the government."

Pasted on a drugstore's door, the note is actually much tinier than it appears on this picture.

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