Friday, April 11, 2008

Found myself at Ploshcha Peremohy (Victory Sq.) a few days ago, decided to check out the Circus - who knows, maybe I'll find the courage to take Marta there one day, I thought.

Quite unlikely, it turned out.

There was this sign at the entrance - "April 7-10: Exhibition/Fair" (a code name for "cheap crap on sale here"):

There was another sign there as well - "Polar Bears on Skates" - April 11, 12, 13:

Inside, it was pretty packed with people and all kinds of goods, and if it hadn't been for the disgusting elephant smell hanging in the air, it would've been hard to tell this was the lobby of the Kyiv Circus. I took only one picture there:


In the underground pass that takes you from the Circus to the "Ukraina" department store, there was lots of trading going on, too - as always (two old pictures are here and here):


  1. Cool phlogging!

    The merchandise at the Circus can often be the same crap they sell at Ukraina, the only difference being lower sales costs.

    Anyway, welcome back to Kyiv!

  2. Five years I had walked that pass almost every day except summers. Even though it never had been pleasant, I love it. Maybe because of good memories.

    Thanks for pics.

  3. Just catching up with your blog, not had time for much reading lately. Love your banner with the cat. Wish I was there.