Monday, January 21, 2008

This picture of Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul appears in the beautiful new edition of Afisha's Istanbul guide. I took it in May 2007.

I'm so happy, and honored, even though when printed, the photo doesn't look as good - and they've also identified me as Veronica Smetana, instead of Veronica Khokhlova - a totally logical mistake, as they know I'm Mishah's wife, but have no idea I've kept my maiden name. It's a pleasant mistake, too, so much better than being misspelled 'Koklova' or 'Khoklova' all the time...


  1. Nice photo.

    I'm curious. I know a women in the states who uses both maiden and married names together in that order. I wonder if that is done in Russia/ Ukraine, or if it is something that isn't done?

  2. Dear Veronica,

    Congratulations to the publication of your photo! Süleymaniye is my favourite in Istanbul, but what is else to expect of a Sinan buff like me. BTW, have you ever noticed the nearby mosque cum synagogue - the Ali Pasa mosque, inaugurated in 1869?