Friday, January 25, 2008

Russian Channel 1 (ORT) is so unbearably cute: according to their man in Kyiv, "85 Ukrainians" are opposed to joining NATO.


  1. Of course, it should have been "85 percent of Ukrainians" - the data of some survey they've chosen to quote. But what he said in that 3 pm newscast was "85 Ukrainians." Which, I guess, is about as close to the truth as "85 percent" :)

  2. Wow! This is soooo ORT:))) But who knows, maybe a tighter ESM travel schedule will turn this into a self-fulfilling prophecy:)

    As of today, however, the numbers are as follows: 53 percent of Ukrainians oppose the idea of NATO membership, while 32 percent favor it. Some 64 percent favor EU membership.

    Any chance Switzerland decides to join the EU anytime soon, Genia:)?

  3. Which 85? Do we know who they are? I bet they're the ones that I met in Crimea last year. Is there anything else they disagree with?

  4. You haven't seen anything until you've seen this RTR footage.

    I guess today is one of those special days when ORT comes a distant second!:)))

  5. There is no good information on NATO in Ukraine, whether you agree with accession or not.

    For example: I've read polls that the majority of Ukrainians are against when asked 'Do you support accession to NATO'... but when asked if they 'support the accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization', the positive results increase!!!

    Here's a piece I co-wrote a while ago.

  6. BTW -- sloppy journalism is even worse it is actually pure propaganda.

  7. How can one discuss NATO without mentioning Comrade Natalia!

  8. Dear Taras,
    We have already ten bilateral agreements with UE (among which free circulation of people). But maybe now that we have got rid of our agrarian Minister, the policies will move forward. This "petits pas" policy (the work of the socialist Minister Calmy-Rey) is just putting people more and more against one another.

    Our governement IS trying to reach out to people on this issue, but the misinformation seems to be as serious as in Ukraine all the same ((Leopolis).

    Link :

    Love from our snowy and sunbathed Swiss mountains!

  9. Hi everyone!

    Check out the poster “Our Nata will save us from NATO” and don't miss this McCain video.

    Thank you for the link, Genia! May the people of Switzerland be well informed as they shape the future of their country. My greetings to the snowy and sunbathed Swiss Alps:)!