Friday, December 28, 2007

First, about a month ago, I saw the word PEACE - МИР - written on the roof of a car parked down below. I thought it was rather ... well, rather peaceful for this part of the world.

Then, a few weeks later, I saw the word GAY - ГЕЙ - on this or some other car parked in the same area. I thought it was rather friendly, too, for this part of the word. What a polite neighborhood we live in, I thought.

Finally, a few days ago, there appeared the word I've been waiting for - the most common Russian swear word.

Maybe it's someone's conceptual art project.

I wish I had pictures of the other two cars.


  1. Thank you Neeka, that really did made me laugh out loud.

    Such versatile three-letter words!

    Wishing you and your family all the best for the year ahead, too, from here in London.

  2. Could be worse, could be pro-Putin finger scrawl on the snow. ;)

  3. Seeing as the trend is towards worse and worse words, I shudder to think what comes next!