Friday, October 12, 2007

Speaking of Our Always - Their Always, that is - Lyndon of Scraps of Moscow has translated answers to Kommersant-Vlast's question of the week: "Is he [with us] forever now?"

I haven't listened to Radio Echo of Moscow since the end of June - but now, after reading Sergei Dorenko's answer, I suddenly begin to miss his morning hooliganism on the Razvorot show...

Sergei Dorenko, journalist: "Putin's problem lies in the fact that he wants to leave power but cannot. His feet are tied to the bicycle pedals. Everyone is crediting Putin with some clever plan, but I think he wakes up every day with a new plan. No one needs him once he's out of power. Though it is true that outside of Russia many are waiting for him with open arms: Chechen families, Nevzlin, Berezovsky, and about thirty other people."


And Mishah has posted Kommersant-Vlast's selection of Putin look-alikes on his blog - check it out... :)

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