Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ran into Mikhail Dobkin at our grocery store a few hours before he appeared on Savik Shuster's show - I think he saw it in my eyes that I recognized him because of that lovely video...

At Savik Shuster's show, Dobkin and Lutsenko had a rather nasty argument - who got more votes, who represents a bigger chunk of the country, who is more honest, who is a better manager - and Lutsenko did well. The language issue came up, and Lutsenko said Russian should be protected from "Anna Akhmetova."

Dobkin, and now Shufrych, insist that "percents" of their voters are more important than the "real numbers": this year, compared to 2006, the Party of the Regions got more of the former and less of the latter.

Listening to kurwa Lytvyn, I realized once again that most politicians here like to scream about how divided the country is - and how people are never going to unite unless politicians do so first. Which is complete bullshit. And so far, Lutsenko has been the only one who said more or less what I think: that across the country, people appear pretty united if you look at their main common concerns - high prices and low salaries.

Overall, if I didn't know that we'd just had an election, I'd think we were about to have one soon.


  1. That video is hilarious! Who the hell made and leaked that sucker?


  2. Wow! Your Dobkin encounter was a unique feedback opportunity.

    I wish I could run into him with something like "Gde pro skoriye pomoshchi, bl***?" Or "Bl***, shto ty skazal "zhilye doma" i nachal chvyakat-***yakat?:)