Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I've only now gotten to look through that New York Times' piece on Yanukovych - which they chose to run right before the election, on Sept. 29.

It begins:

Once a divisive figure reviled by some here as a shady reactionary and Kremlin pawn, Prime Minister Viktor F. Yanukovich has turned into arguably the nation’s most popular politician.

"Arguably" is the key word of this sentence.

And then there's this:

He [Yushchenko] then lost to Mr. Yanukovich in balloting that was denounced as fraudulent by Western observers. Protests forced another election, which was won by Mr. Yushchenko.

How come there's no mention of the Supreme Court's ruling?

Don't really feel like reading on. Maybe later.


  1. New York Times has become a shallow ideologically (left) driven pamphlet-style newspaper. A disgraceful display really.

  2. Maybe we should refer that question to Mr. Paul Manafort?:)

    After all, PR article placements are not uncommon in The New York Times.

  3. The New York Times should be ashamed of itself for not checking the facts of the story out.......Paul Manafort should be ashamed of himself as well for selling out.

  4. The New York Times is not ashamed of anything anymore. After the despicable and shameful campaign against Duke students, after the disgusting attacks on general Petraeus it is obvious that The NYT sold itself...to Soros or someone else-it does not matter. What matters is that it has become the exact opposite of what a real journalism should be.

    P.S. I guess the NYT does not even care that their stock is worth nothing anymore...

  5. The NYT has a slogan on its masthead: "All the news that's fit to print."

    Everyone has known for a long, long time that it really should read:

    "All the news that fits, we print."

    Puff pieces are nothing new in American journalism. Neither are placement articles.

    Manafort - well, some people will do anything for money.

    He got fired by the PoR. Either the money ran out, or they didn't like what he was doing.

    There was a movie made about the Americans who were hired by Yeltsin's campaign.

    It's called "Spinning Boris." Not a bad movie, actually. Starts out with one of the American political spin doctors on the phone, stating that he thinks he's going to be killed by russkies.

  6. Speaking of the Times, did you see the article Saturday about the French priest who's been uncovering Jewish graves in W. Ukraine? It's a good story: