Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And what if Yushchenko uses this gas situation to kick Yanukovych's ass?

Because it's definitely not Tymoshenko who's to blame for such an enormous debt, right? And in the ideal world, someone would have to bear responsibility. Maybe.

This is probably why Azarov has announced today that the debt isn't as huge as Gazprom claims it to be, etc.


  1. What's really inspiring it's that the Party of the Ass Regions, despite boasting 34.5% vs. 31 in 2006, actually got half a million votes less than in the last election. Too bad many of those people didn't have the guts to vote for the other side, but simply ignored the whole thing.

  2. actually, I have to correct that. according to the latest figures, only about 150 000 less. Still, it's a good trend. And Vitrenko lost just about everything she could lose: 400 000 out of some 700 000 she garnered last year. Yulia got 1.5 million more! Thank you, Veronika!