Sunday, September 02, 2007

A quick, almost random, note on the election:

I guess it was Natalya Vitrenko who was screaming this at her opponents on Savik Shuster's show this past Friday:

- YOU have plundered the country!..

And it suddenly got me thinking that all these people - all the Vitrenkos, Yushchenkos, Kuchmas, Tymoshenkos, Symonenkos, Morozy and Yanukovychi - they've all been in it for SO LONG and, more or less, TOGETHER, that here's what Vitrenko should have been screaming instead:

- WE have plundered the country!..

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  1. So, Neeka - a pox on all their houses, eh?

    Understanding that in polite company one does not discuss religion, sex or politics, Ukraine has elections upcoming.

    And people must make a choice.

    I would appreciate your thoughts, if you are so inclined, but here is my rundown:

    Vitrenko - "vote for me, I was a good student under communism, and will take this country back to communism and back to russia"

    Yushchenko - he's not running, but he is seriously and actively advocating getting rid of corruption, and having a responsible democratic government, and has taken more and more steps to do so

    Kuchma - bandit

    Tymoshenko - she may have taken advantage of opportunities in the past, but she is, and has been, the most powerful catalyst for democracy and reform in the country; in response to her efforts, today even PR (contrasted with what PR was saying 3 years ago) is trying to "out-Tymoshenko" Tymoshenko; she is a forceful, and significant advocate for the people, as opposed to oligarchs;

    Symonenko - commie jerk; 70 years of an absolutely proven HUGE mistake is not enough for him; he wants more

    Moroz - what can I say? Judas Iscariot; will do anything - ANYTHING - to stay in power, and damn the people; the only thing that's important for him is to retain a seat in government; could have done some good; ended up being a totally worthless disaster

    Yanukovych - 3 years ago was calling the people goats and worse; today is promising all sorts of things; notwithstanding the efforts of Paul Manafort to re-invent and re-make him, is still just a shill for thug oligarchs; the tiger does not change his stripes, and sheep's clothing does not make a wolf into a sheep

    You forgot --

    Lutsenko - another powerful force for democracy; a man with a spine; "free man in a free country";

    Given the choices, realistically speaking, I think the only choice for Ukrainians is either Lutsenko or Tymoshenko.

    Otherwise, the oligarchy of Yanuk and the PR stays, and people continue to suck eggs.