Monday, September 17, 2007

A link from a comment to the previous post - thank you, Taras!..

It's a video of Kyiv's mayor talking about world religions.

I cried watching it.

Seriously, though, with a mayor like this, I don't think it's fair to ever make fun of any other politician.



  1. With all due respect ---

    Jesus had nothing to do with this.

    It was the idiots who elected him mayor who are to blame.

  2. The folks who saw Jesus in him have every reason to embrace agnosticism, if not atheism.

    If you sell your vote for a handout of vermicelli, don't go looking for heaven on earth.

  3. learn from his tactics, tell the truth of his policies, decry his hypocripsy and beat him the next election...


  4. According to polls, most Kyivites find no truth to his policies, just tactics.

    One of his deputies, Irena Kilchytska, recently confessed to having worked for the KGB early in her career. A public official, she now wears a $50,000 watch, owns a Bentley, a Porsche Cayenne, and a Hummer. Now why would she name her newborn daughter Monica?

    I hope we will render unto Chernoco what is Chernoco’s, and unto God what is God’s:)

  5. that shd be truth about his policies...

    As I recall, he managed to get elected via graft and apparently has not realized that one cannot do business as usual with the relatively much freer Kyivite press.


  6. I have to agree with you. The man has no soul and on top of that is not even worth a donkey's behind. I also hope that he is not one of your "best or brightest"! LOL What a dismal shame!