Sunday, September 30, 2007


At least two more people in our extended family have voted for Yulia, and at least five - for Yushchenko/Lutsenko.

I'm too busy/lazy/exhausted to "report" on the rest, as well as on the exit poll and preliminary results. The latter are available elsewhere.

The turnout has been kind of low, it looks like.


Tsushko has resigned, allegedly because of health problems. Mishah is worried this might be a sign of imminent unrest. Someone at Savik Shuster's show said it could be because Socialists aren't getting 3 percent this time, but Mishah thinks it'd be too honest of him - "not in this country."


Pechersk has been having blackouts tonight; among those affected are the Central Election Commission, Party of the Regions' HQ, and's newsroom.

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