Friday, April 06, 2007

This is from April 4, early afternoon, when the majority of them moved off to Bankova: Coalition of the Bored.

A guy came up to me at some point, asked what paper I worked for, I said I was shooting it all for myself, history and all that, he said taking pictures of nature was better, I said it was up to me to decide, and he agreed. Basically, he could've been hostile to me, but I disarmed him with ... not really a smile, but some semi-friendly, meaningless chat.

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  1. Sometimes no comment is needed. It shows it all. Your last posts makes the difference. Reporting about 2-3 min. about Ukraine in western media or the reporting when beeing there. The worst point, Ukraine is not really entertaining us (Germany). I've thought maybe it would has changed after the Orange Revolution. But for me it seems everything has to expained from scratch again. What is Maidan, what is Ukraine after all?