Saturday, April 21, 2007

Someone's left this comment today/yesterday - thank you, dear Anonymous:

Ok. Sorry I am being out of every topic but somoone had to say it on this blog. It's been 2 days since we know: ... UKRAINE and POLAND will host EURO 2012!!! the 3rd largest sport event in the world. (..) I'm very, very happy.

I should've mentioned how happy and excited we are - but then there are so many things I fail to mention here...

And so much stuff going on in Kyiv that I'm missing, too...

But yes, Euro 2012 is such a great news - but there were no celebrations in Kyiv, nothing like what I saw on TV from Warsaw, right? We're too preoccupied with politics right now...


  1. I wasn't in Ukraine when the news came, but here's what the French radio said the following morning: "The celebrations in Kiev were even greater--football fans downtown outnumbered by several times the protesters in front of the parliament."

  2. ah, this is so cool! thank you, sash jan, and apologies for misinformation on this (am i a pessimist or what...)

    (where are you, dear, btw?)

  3. More reports of "Maidan 2" wd be appreciated...

    Hardly anyone is blogging about it, and so it(and its counter-maidan counterpart) must be dwarfed seriously by the football news!