Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some political stories I've been hearing recently made me realize that trying to understand what's really going on up there without any insider knowledge is like trying to understand what all the archangels are up to up there in the clouds.

Other stories - stories from the ground - sound like something from the 1990s: an acquaintance, whose son is in some way connected to Lutsenko, had her apartment searched recently, and she nearly had a heart attack because of that, and although I know little about her and nothing about her son, I suspect he's not a very important person - because she is ... well, it's crazy but I'm not gonna write what she is because I don't want to cause her any more problems... all I'm gonna say is she works hard and earns little. And another acquaintance told me during Maidan's second anniversary that Lutsenko's people had raided his relative's downtown business while Lutsenko was still the minister of the interior. Again, go figure.

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