Saturday, April 07, 2007

LJ user potekhin on Yanukovych supporters currently in Kyiv (UKR):

On the way from Maidan yesterday, with friends, [saw] several guys on Kostelna:

"I've been everywhere here already - to the McDonald's and two cafes. Man, the prices that they've got here. If it hadn't been for their [50 hryvnias] (points in the direction of European Square), I would've died already."


  1. Lutsenko said it best, for me, on the talk show 1+1 (I Think So or The Way I Think), thank you Кисельов for bringing in 10,000 (this was on Thurs.) citizens during a Holiday week to see their capital when they cannot afford to do so themselves.

    There is deep poverty in the Eastern oblasts and that is why the oligarchs/clans are scared of free press and a tearing of the veil.

    I am all for political tourism.

  2. Hmmmm. . . so subsidized protests?