Thursday, April 05, 2007

For the first couple of days, I liked the suspense that my walk from Besarabka to Maidan involved: will there be many people? what if there's lots of orange there now? Somehow, the Besarabka end of Khreshchatyk is like another world, no politics whatsoever, only cars, both on the road and on the sidewalk.

But by now, I'm bored with their Maidan. All the same faces, lots of garbage, and the politicians speaking from the stage are full of shit.

First, they say they are against one man grabbing all power in Ukraine, and this one man is, of course, Yushchenko. Then, they happily declare that they want Yanukovych to be both the president and the premier.

And even though the crowd is barely audible, the speakers go on and on about how it's the whole Ukraine represented there, and the whole Ukraine hearing their voices, including the president at the Secretariat (which, by the way, is located at such a place where not really a sound is heard from Maidan, even when Maidan was really loud).

I got so bored there today that it reminded me of the night right after the second round in 2004, the night before the real Maidan began: how I couldn't sleep because I was scared no one would show up the next morning, and how I had a nightmare about that when I did finally fall asleep, and how in the morning I heard people in the street talk about the very same fear.

I wonder if there's anyone at this Maidan who can't sleep at night, worrying that there won't be enough of them there the next day?

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