Friday, March 30, 2007

Internet is such a disaster this time (Volia Cable sucks almost as much as Ukrtelecom does, so far), so here's a quick note:

They are expecting Maidan #2 on Saturday, and for once in a long, long time, on the surface, at least, Yushchenko seems to be making sense, but I doubt Maidan's ever gonna happen again, though, of course, people are likely to show up at the concert on Saturday and perhaps stay for the speeches by Yulia, Lutsenko and a bunch of others later. But, as Mishah said, we'll see how it's gonna go on Day 2. Me, I'd only go there to take pictures, if I manage to escape from Marta and the rest of the family for a while.

As for the rumors of "Donetsk thugs" being bussed to Kyiv, I've seen seven or eight fancy cars driving back and forth along Khreshchatyk tonight, honking like crazy, with flags of the Party of the Regions sticking out of the windows. Go figure.

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  1. mmm, interesting prospect. It sucks sometimes not to have a tv to learn of such things, but then again I can always read off good people's blogs what's up. Thanks, I will keep my eyes peeled for the developments.