Wednesday, March 14, 2007

From a New York Times' profile of Garry Kasparov:

[...] someone who sounded angry that Mr. Kasparov had given up chess for politics attacked him with a chessboard in 2005. (“I am lucky,” he said at the time, “that the popular sport in the Soviet Union was chess and not baseball.”)

How can someone like Kasparov - someone with his sense of humor - be called a fascist? (Folks like Nashi do call him that a lot.)

And - how can someone like him mix with people like Limonov and Anpilov?


By the way, I can't access NPB's site - who knows, maybe they've finally decided to get rid of those idiotic Nazi posters, now that they are allied with someone as presentable as Kasparov.

And there seems to have been a split within NBP: the site that is accessible now is NBP Without Limonov (English version is here). A quick look through it shows that they are up against Linderman, some Jewish comrade of Limonov. And Garry Kasparov ("half Jewish and half Armenian, born in Baku") cannot be their dream leader, either, I guess.

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  1. I fear for this guy's safety to be sincere, I hope he won't be taken as serious as Khodorkovsky was. I hope I am wrong.
    Nice blog and comments but the best are your pictures congrats,