Monday, March 12, 2007

Dog shit is everywhere, huge turds, and what remains of the snow is either water or it's black. The only bright spots turn out to be trash - or cars. And children's playgrounds. Mezhsezonye. Seasonal affective disorder should be renamed into inter-seasonal affective disorder - but this would kill the tasty acronym. Mishah is in Luxembourg; he wrote me that apricots are in bloom there already.

The cops in the last picture, armed with Kalashnikovs (I guess), searched this dark-haired, non-Slavic-looking young men, then put him into their car and drove off.


Novodevichiy Monastery remains the nicest place for walks in our neighborhood: now it's perfect for shit-free walks.

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  1. Gee Neeka - I hadn't stopped by here in a while. I was imagining some "spring is coming" posting.

    And I am greeted by "dog shit is everywhere"! :)

    Actually, I suppose that really is a "spring is coming" topic! The melting snow reveals a winters worth of canine bombs to the feet of wary city residents!