Friday, March 09, 2007

According to (RUS), 14 skinheads attacked a Brazilian football player Glayton Barbosa (formerly of FC Schalke 04) in the very center of Kyiv on March 7.

It happened near the fancy-schmancy Arena City mall at Besarabka - I've always thought it was one of the safest and best-guarded places in the city:

One of the attackers sprayed some tear gas into the black player's face, and then the rest attacked him and started beating him with their legs. They were stopped by the girl accompanying the football player; she screamed: "What are you doing? This is a Brazilian football player!"

Glayton managed to escape inside the Arena City, and skinheads started lecturing the girl for being a Slav and yet walking around the city with a negr. While they were moralizing, someone called the police, and the skinheads ran away.

Let's add that the football player and his girlfriend Byata [sp?], a singer with the Lithuanian Funky [sp?] band, were guests at Masha Fokina's new album presentation.



  1. So sad to read about this from Rio... The irony is the only news about Ukrtaine in Brazil is about football.

  2. that is just sad! Skinheads need to grow up and get lives.

  3. Neeka, If your cops there would beat and stomp on them as hard as they beat and stomp on people. They may think twice before they hurt anyone else. Here in DC a few years ago a few skins picked on the wrong people one night. The best anyone could count around 7 or 8 skins were sent to the hospital by some gay bikers. The cops that were called to the street did not see a thing.

  4. Ranger is right. Saw a piece on tv about the skinheads and how the militia turns a blind eye and charges them only with "hooliganism" after attacking a person. Disgraceful complicity.