Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My dear friend Sasha (aka Alex Kleimenov) spent a weekend in Ternopil and sent me this lovely picture taken at a department store there:

© Alex Kleimenov

There's Yushchenko's portrait, and Taras Shevchenko's, and Ivan Franko's - and then there's this triptych, and I recognize only one man, Stepan Bandera, but Sasha writes me that the two others are "major UPA leaders" as well.

"Across the aisle," Sasha also writes, "they were selling kitchen utensils."

A very tasty image - thank you, Sash.


  1. Also, that little white towel (well, it's not really a towel) mentions that Christ Has Risen (in January). It's wrapped over another towel ("rushnyk") with two interlinked wedding rings. The whole nine yards of Ukrainian ecstasy, indeed.
    (Veronichka, thanks for posting that!)

  2. For the prudent planner this spring!

    The Christos Voskres item is to cover your Easter food basket when you take it to church for the blessing service on Holy Saturday - or some churches may do it right before the dawn service on Easter Sunday to save a trip.

    The wedding towel is for use during the ceremony when the priest binds - well actually covers - your joined (bride's and groom's)hands with it as he puts his hand over the towel and blesses your union.

    Ukrainian ecstasy indeed.

    Chris in Maryland