Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm so terribly busy and my internet is so terribly slow. Last week, when I did have some free time, I started another blog - a pseudo-blog - where I plan to dump all my Global Voices translations and other work: Work Log, a supplement to Neeka's Backlog. It's still a mess, but I hope to make it look nice by the end of this year. I guess I've figured out how to squeeze a picture into the header - and I do love the picture I've picked: it was taken here, in the neighboring village of Gorenka. Very happy about that. The reason for this extension is that I'm actually doing some work now and have got plenty of stuff already, and the backlog is the place for the "unsold" stuff, so it seems pretty natural that I should have a repository for those work-related pieces. I also needed a distraction, some boring mechanical work like finding my way through html and css... The url is 'smetanka' - I would've had 'smetana' instead, the last name of my husband and our daughter, but it's already taken. Which reminds me: there's this really funny commercial on Ukrainian TV now - Smetana President, the sour cream. You have to be a Smetana - a Ukrainian Smetana at that - to fully appreciate the sound of it, of course. So yeah, Smetana President, and I'm sick of politics, and am insanely busy. And it's Indian summer here now, lovely. Hope you're all doing great, too.


  1. It is good to see you are back. I am sorry you have been so busy and no time for yourself.

  2. mmm...Smetana Prezident...smak!