Saturday, September 16, 2006

For balance, here's a link to Yelena Milashina's recent piece (RUS) in Novaya Gazeta - There Are People Who Know It All.

I haven't read it, because to read it is to live through it all again, and I'm not ready now. Like Chivers' piece, it's about what really happened, the facts.

Here's a passage relevant to the previous entry about Litvinovich:

Even though Beslan residents have been reproached more than once in these years for profiteering from their grief, they have born the many months of the trial with dignity and have formulated the main questions that the investigators resisted answering so stubbornly.

Russia has memorized the names of two women - Susanna Dudieva and Ella Kesaeva - who were accused of being overly active and were insulted in the most cruel ways.

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