Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yesterday, a Party of the Regions deputy Oleg Kalashnikov and a group of the party's supporters attacked STB channel journalist Margaryta Sytnyk and cameraman Volodymyr Novosad, who were filming the tents in the park near Rada. They beat up the cameraman and took away the tape.

So far, over 300 Ukrainian journalists have signed a letter (Ukrainska Pravda, in Ukrainian) protesting the attack and demanding the tape's return, as well as expelling Kalashnikov from the faction and opening a criminal case against him.

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  1. When a camera invades someones privacy. Some including me , take it very serious. I have and will never like cameras in my face without my permission. Even at a party with friends and family I have always ask if they mind if I take photo's. I work with a couple of men who will ask you very polite to please not take their photos and if you do all hell will break loose. Strange men to say the least.